A lifelong resident of Fresno, CA, Travis Huff graduated from the Craig School of Business at Fresno State and soon began working for ABC-30 Television. A young, energetic graduate eager to make his mark in the world, he soon became a seasoned media executive in his own right. Travis founded Real-time Outsource social media management firm in 2009 and it has grown ever since, with clients from Hawaii to Florida. 


Travis was Board Member of the Fresno Advertising Federation for eight years before moving on to focus full-time on Real-time Outsource. In a mere seven years, he has helped hundreds of clients from North America and overseas grow their brand and discover new avenues to  increase customer engagement.


Travis is often called on to speak to college students about following their aspirations and teach them how to conquer their fears to make their big dreams come true. “I love Being Real with people to help them realize their true power and give them the passion to make a change in their lives & businesses,” says Travis. “A well-lived life is all about passion and it’s what drives me to give back to the world through traveling, speaking, and making music that touches people.”

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