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First time listeners to Travis’s top-rated podcast the Be Real Show are sure to have at least one “a-ha!” moment and then queue up the rest of the series to hear them all. Be Real podcasts are focused on helping marketers, PR firms, digital agencies, and advertising agencies develop social media strategies for their business.


In each show in the series, Travis talks with entrepreneurs, content influencers, business owners, and social media experts to find out what you need to know right now. Take a look at some of his most popular topics:


  • Being the Social Evangelist

  • The Social Hangout

  • Content, Classes, and Customers

  • Brands are from Mars, Consumers are from Venus

  • Transforming Social Business

  • Living Your Passions

  • How to Launch an App

  • Being Authentic in Social


Travis believes that one of the best ways to learn is from each other and he loves to connect with people who bring their own brand of knowledge and expertise to the table. Travis has interviewed people all over the world, from executives to marketers and influencers who work down in the trenches every day.


The Be Real Podcast helps listeners identify the newest social media management trends, stay on top of the latest industry news, and helps spark new ideas organizations and team members can start using right away. It also gives a voice to the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to give brands a unique and engaging personality.