Travis is an esteemed speaker who loves to share what he’s learned about growing a business and living a life full of well-earned achievements. His honest, practical, down-to-earth style is captivating and keeps the audience engaged from the moment he takes the stage.


Listen to Travis share the story of how he decided to launch his business after talking with a friend over coffee. Back in 2009, social media was just beginning to take seed but Travis quickly realized organizations would need to adapt to a way of life that was about to change marketing forever. He set out to turn his passion for helping people into a thriving business and can help you do it too!


Travis’s mission is to help brands identify what they’re doing right, what they do well, and discover what they can improve. Through an informal, fun presentation, he helps audiences make their own journey of discovery and learn how to master the art of social media management in a way that’s as natural as their own skin.


Although Travis loves to speak about social media management and how it can benefit your brand, he knows there’s more to success than checklist of best practices. Travis is living proof that it’s important to dream big and work hard to reach your goals. Travis knows firsthand how hard it is to step outside your comfort zone to go after your aspirations. He also believes it’s possible to live your passion, reach your dreams, transform your life, and still Be Real. Travis is ready to teach you how, too!


Whether you need a keynote speaker for your next conference or someone to motivate your employees to step outside their comfort zone and reach for the gold, Travis is the presenter for you. He’s at ease in any setting, from team building workshops to executive retreats, and leaves audiences ready to face their fears to realize their biggest dreams.